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3 Ingenious Ways To Tie A Scarf



Hi Style Squad, it's Maya. I thought, too kick off the one blog a day campaign I'd show you my top three ways to tie a scarf.

1. Shoulder Draped Scarf

I absoloutely love this method as it is very vesatile. Meaning you can experiment with this and see what fits you the most. For example, if the draped sides are too long for you, you could wrap them around your arms.

To achieve this look, first put the scarf around your neck so that their is half on one shoulder and half on the other.

Next, repeat that same step. There you have it the shoulder draped scarf.

2. Bow Scarf

This next approach is my favourite one of them all. I love this one because it is unique and will up level any look. I would recommend wearing this scarf to compliment occasional wear. Though it is up to you. To accomplish this look, first you need to wear the scarf so equal sides are draping over each shoulder. Now, with the right side, fold the scarf untill your neck. Finally, wrap the left side of the scarf around the centre of the folded scarf to make a bow. Tuck any excess scarf around your neck.

3. Simple Scarf

I really like this end - result as it is super simple but super effective.

It looks amazing with any look and is as easy as it seems. All you need to do is evenly half the scarf over your neck then whip one of the sides over your shoulder. VOILA!

Don't forget to share your favourite scarf styles and pics!

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