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Owl Keyrings : The Facts

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Hi everyone, I decided that I would show you and tell you about the owl keyrings.

These owl key rings are our best sellers and are constantly flying out the door (no pun intended)! I decided to show you how amazing they are and how you can use them to complement any outfit!

1. Double Hang

This is my favourite look by far, not only because there are two owls,(twice the style), but because they are different colours. You can experiment with this,

for example, you might want to have a turquoise owl and a black owl or two pastel shades. It is completely up to you!

2. Party Princess

You may think that you can only wear owls on your clothes when you have trousers or jeans on. YOU ARE WRONG!

These cute creatures can be worn with any outfit (even on skirts). Wearing owls on your skirt or dress will give you that edge, that stylish touch. The owls will make sure YOU are the most fashionable person on the dance floor.

Don't forget to share your outfits and tell us your favourite owl colour!

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